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How to Cut Your Husband’s Hair

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The comprehensive, step-by-step guide to giving your husband the best haircut of his life (well the free-est haircut, anyway!)

Step One:  Marry someone very trusting and VERY motivated to save money.

Step Two: Decide to go on a big vacation for which you need to save as much money as possible, causing you to become much more brave with your cost-cutting endeavors.

Step Three: Try to resist the sad, puppy dog face of a man with shaggy hair who tells you: “I feel so embarrassed about how long my hair is – I’ll probably get fired for looking sloppy…….oh well.”

Step Four: Finally give in to your husband’s request when he basically demands a hair cut right now – “I know you will do a good job – just do it!”

Step Five: Put husband out on deck in lovely designer smock so as not to get your floors all hairy.  Watch as he poses angrily at the mirror, cursing his long hair.


 Step Six: Hem-haw around for  quite some time looking for gray hairs and remarking about how thick his hair is while you build up the nerve to make that fateful first run through with the clippers.  (Also, if desired, keep stopping to take pictures of yourself pretending to cut hair for documentation purposes.)


 Step Seven: Just mow through that garden of hair and don’t be shy.  That is what the guard is for!  Admire your accomplishments and get ready to do the detail work.


 Step Eight: Trim sideburns, even out any “rough” patches, and violently shake out those millions of scratchy hairs from your t-shirt.  Pack up and come inside before it gets dark.

Step Nine: Let your husband take a shower and style his new do.

Step Ten: Accept the showers of compliments your husband gives you on a job well done (it does, afterall look just like the cut he gets at the mall for $20) and make him pose for pictures one last time!



Kimmie, You Just Paid Off Your Credit Cards…..What Are You Going To Do Now?

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 Honeymoon Epcot

Randy and me in EPCOT, 2002 on our Honeymoon

(I promise we were older than 17) 

As of yesterday, Randy and I booked an October trip to Disney World including flight, hotel, meal plan, admission, and ground transportation!  If I could properly communicate euphoric squeeling via text, that is what the rest of this post would consist of!

I never thought we would be able to take another Disney trip for a long time – financial priorities elsewhere – you know.  But through the magic of my part time work with Girl Scouts this fall and Randy’s band gigs, we can make it happen and still keep our other priorities on track.

So this is the sweetest kind of blessing.  The cherry on top – as last week at this time I had no expectation of taking any kind of vacation, much less to our favorite spot.  (More on why its our favorite vacation spot in another post………and its not because we have any special affinity for Disney movies, characters, etc. – its just a really cool, relaxing, and happy place.)

To me the trip feels like more than a fun vacation, it seems like a sign of changing times for us.  This year has been especially tough for me as I have been dealing with interrelated health issues that have really interrupted and changed my life.  Had someone told me last July that this year I would become mired in a medication nightmare, quit my job, and not start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel until July of 2007 I would have been stunned.  I am generally a very consistent, conservative liver and the changes I made/went through this year would have been mind-boggling just a year ago. 

October will be the year mark from when I first started feeling bad and things started snowballing out of control.  I feel like I just recently (within the last few weeks) turned the corner and figured out this health mystery.  I’m feeling like myself again for the first time in almost a year and I am excited/hopeful/nervous that my ability to really enjoy what a great life I have has returned and will be in full force for the trip.

Long story short, I think this trip will be the best ending possible to a really rough year, and a symbol of better things to come.  Thanks to all of my friends and family for not giving up on me and for offering me more support than I could ever imagine.  I didn’t like myself for most of this year and still am amazed that you all stuck by me so closely and so cheerfully.  I would never have made it without you.  Please still keep me in your prayers that I continue to recover and fully return to a healthy, happy Kimmie.


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So I’ve had my first sewing machine for well over a year now and I have to confess…..for most of that year I really didn’t like it.  I felt the need to own one; it was something a crafty person should just have in her arsenal.  I had big plans to make all kinds of amazing projects – maybe some quilts and pajamas and pillows….

But as with many of my “more than I can chew” fantasies, it didn’t exactly work out that way.  In typical fashion, I fired up the machine and hastily commenced construction on my first project – a knitting needle storage case – without having read any instructions on how to use the machine and without any sort of pattern for the project.

That was the last thing I sewed for close to a year.  I didn’t have fun, and though the needle case looked okay, it didn’t look polished and professional like I had imagined.


I’ve since been reading a lot of blogs (many of which you will find links to on the right) that have been inspiring me to try again……and to maybe……even……..take my time and follow a pattern(!)  Yes, I’m growing up.  I’m learning that sometimes its best to read the instructions and make a plan first.  I’m still learning – I had a sewing catastrophe last night, borne of my instinct to “just start” a half-conceived project (more on this particular snaffou in another post – maybe).

Despite my ongoing battles, I have scored some major victories.  I am currently sewing new throw pillows for our couch (someone….cough cough….Schmipper, ate the corners of all four of our original pillows) and they look quite professional.  But easily my biggest success comes from a project I have entitled, “Lemonade”.


This is a purse/tote bag I made following the awesome tutorial and pattern on Artsy Crafty Babe’s website (click on Artsy Crafty Babe to the right to find the pattern).  Since it it was the first sewing pattern I have ever followed on my own, I was nervous about my ability to make it come to life.  But the tutorial was thorough enough that I had no pitfalls, no tears, and no ripping anything out!

I even had the forethought to customize the inside to my own personal needs, adding several pockets (the pattern has two) exactly the perfect size for: my cell phone, my iPod, my sunglasses, my calculator (i am married to an accountant, you know), my ink pen, and my collection of lip/chap sticks.  I also added a loop on the inside from which to hang my keys.


Even now when I look at these pictures I still can’t believe I actually made it.  I keep showing it to people and saying, “Look at it!  I actually made it!  And it actually looks like a purse!” 

So – “Look!  It looks like a purse!”

I Think I Smell Something Burning….(a cautionary tail)

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Hypothetically speaking, lets say you own a cat.  And for the sake of argument, his name is….Schminus.  Lets also say that Schminus is very fluffy and that you occasionally like to create a cozy mood in your house by burning scented candles, especially on dreary, rainy days. 

Picture, if you will, eating a cozy dinner on your couch with your husband……Schmandy. You and Schmandy are enjoying the warm flicker of a lemon mirangue jar candle perched next to you on the side table and the company of an adorable cat (Schminus) lounging on the arm of the adjacent loveseat. 

In the middle of a conversation, you notice huge billows of smoke rising from behind Schminus.  Concerned, you interrupt Schmandy (who is sitting closer next to the candle and the cat) and ask him to “check out Schminus’s butt” (which is the only phrase that comes to mind in that moment).

Schmandy jumps up and yells “Schminus’s tail is on fire!”  This alarms Schminus and he immediately jumps up and runs into the kitchen, revealing a smoldering patch of fur.  This is what the tail may look like in such a situation:


And this is what it would look like if your dog….Schmipper, was super interested and wouldn’t leave Schminus alone for the rest of the night even as he sulks under the table.


If you ever encounter a situation like this, just know that its more difficult than you may think to rid your home of the distinctive scent of burned cat hair.  If you’re lucky, your cat will be so fluffy that the fire won’t even reach his skin and by the next morning he will have removed all the crispy fur.  If you are very lucky and have a saintly little cat like Schminus.

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the making of this cautionary “tail”.  Never leave a burning candle unattended – because if you do your cat could catch on fire and have no one to extinguish him.  Cats are like that.

Cake From Heaven

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Is anyone else out there obsessed with strawberries?  They might as well be made of crack because I can’t get enough of them (and, you know, that’s how I am about my crack, too 🙂 ).  Every summer I end up trying to eat a whole year’s worth in one season before the sad time of year when I have to get my fix from Berry Burst Cheerios and McDonalds Sundaes.  This year the berry sickness is intense as will be (I’m sure) the withdrawl.

I thought I’d be able to keep myself in berries this year by “growing my own”, but I grossly overestimated the production capability of my one, small, immature strawberry plant.  But the berries it does produce are flippin adorable!  (Can you tell this is my first summer ever growing anything?  I’m smitten.)

Strawberry Plant

Though my evil plot for a magical back yard berry factory fell short, I have found a way to get my strawberry fix.  And it involves help from above.  From the Angels, to be exact.  Behold Strawberry Trifle.  

Strawberry Trifle

I combined several recipes and added some customization of my own to come up with the final product, which I’ve been eating for dessert and also for breakfast 🙂  Its good for me!  Believe it or not, the cake is low sugar and low fat.  I tried it out on a group of friends and didn’t tell them it was healthy until after they devoured it.  They were shocked.  But that is what you get when Heaven helps you make dessert.

The Recipe:

  • 1 Angel Food Cake (its really easy and much yummier if you bake it yourself from a mix than if you get it from the grocery store bakery, allthough that will do in a pinch – and the bonus is that some stores do have ready-made sugar free angel food cakes)
  • Two packages of sugar free instant pudding mix (I have used combinations of white chocolate, cheesecake, and vanila flavors and it always tastes good)
  • One small tub of fat free whipped topping
  • 2 quarts of strawberries, sliced
  • 1/4 cup of Splenda (or sugar if you need a rush)
  • 1 cup of fat free sour cream or plain nonfat yogurt
  • 2 cups of milk

Bake and cool angel food cake and then cut or tear into bite-size pieces.

In a medium bowl, combine both packages of pudding with the two cups of milk and mix until thick and relatively smooth.  Add the yogurt or sour cream and mix until blended.

Place strawberries in another bowl and mix with splenda until coated. 

In a Trifle bowl or big serving bowl, layer the ingredients as follows:

  • Cake pieces
  • Pudding mixture
  • Strawberries
  • Whipped Topping


Garnish with whole strawberries and dig in!

I’m Married to a Male Model

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That’s right, ladies.  Hands off.  Just try not to be jealous – we can’t all be married to high fashion models – it would upset the balance of the universe.  Someone has to be “the common people”. 

Check out his debut on this website of a Manhattan-based photography studio.  When you get to the page, click on the picture with the orange background.