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Monthly Archives: November 2007

I am not brainwashed….yet

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Meet Oliver. 


Meet Oliver’s rascally brother, Oscar.  As you can see, Oliver is suspicious of Oscar.  I’m not sure why, but he must have done something sneaky.


Maybe he’s been flirting with Elle.  Hard to resist a girl with ears that just won’t quit.


I’ve recently been sucked into the craft-cult that is Softies  (sometimes also called plushies or stuffies).  I thought I could resist but I was weak.  The owls are made from Floresita’s awesome pattern (allthough they are called Spooky Halloween Owls I find them to be appropriate all throughout autumn and maybe beyond).  The puppy was made for my friend Amber’s birthday.  She’s a replica of Amber’s real life pooch, Ellie, just a tiny bit smaller (but not much!) – so her name was shortened to Elle.  I didn’t really have a pattern for her – I fashioned a makeshift template from various sources.

I don’t know how strong a grip the SoftieCult has on me.  I do have a strange urge to isolate myself from my loved ones and spend my days cutting shapes out of felt……stay tuned for pictures of my inevitable weiner dog softie project…..