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Today is the first snowfall of the year in my  neck of the woods, and since I am lucky and do not have to go out into the “white death” I can appreciate it for all its sparkley, witntery goodness as I see the flashes of bright white through the branches of my Christmas Tree.


The Christmas tree just seems to make everything cozier, and in the Marksberry homestead, coziness has achieved an almost sacred status.  We have managed to impart our love of all things cozy to the animals (or maybe they were born that way) and we hope to raise our future children to respect the family value of cozification.


Our cozification level has recently reached new and lofty heights.  We treated ourselves to our Christmas present early this year (things were on sale!) and are the proud new owners of a ventless fireplace and a flat screen tv to go above it.  I can’t tell you how much the fireplace contributes to the overall coziness of the house.  Its a wonder we ever leave the living room, what with the HD TV and the flickering “fire”. 


The only thing we are missing is the crackling sound and firewood scent, as our fireplace is electric and the fire is not exactly real.  What it lacks in reality it makes up for in ease of use – we just flip the remote to turn it on or off (including optional blowing heat) and there is no soot or ash to clean, no worry that a clumsy cat will crash into hot glass.


As I mentioned, I am lucky enough to be able to baracade myself inside the warm, enveloping environment of my cozy living room for pretty much all month, as my job sort of hybernates until the new year.  My December days are filled with cozy craftwork, peppered with occasonal work meetings at Starbucks.  I’m not going to lie – it is a pretty spectacular way to spend a December.


I am increasingly thankful for the simpler things in life and I appreciate more than ever the ability to slow down.  It is my nature to clutter up my life and my home with things I don’t need and then feel like they are suffocating me.  So I am slowly mastering the art of less is more, and learning how to value quality over quantity.  In other words, I have been in a frenzy of cleaning out, and purging the unneccessary, and figuring out how to practice restraint so that I don’t add more junk to my life or my house.


It helps to focus on the things I find most peaceful, restful, significant, meaningful.  The animals cuddling up with each other to enjoy the afternoon…….silvery, snow covered tree branches…….the warm feel of a pair handknit socks made by a good friend……..the comforting repetition of watching my needle rise up and down from the fabric……..the taste of warm cinnamon rolls and cold milk.

I wish everyone cozy, snuggly, simple, peaceful times this season!