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Alphabetical Order

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The Monday List                                                                                    

One particular manifestation of my increasingly obsessive nature is my desire to number or alphabetize everything, especially at work.  The plan for today’s post was a numbered list of my pet peeves because I was feeling really cranky yesterday.  But today’s sunshine and 60 degree warmth has improved my attitude to the pet peeves will have to wait for a rainy day.  Today deserves an alphabetized list of little things I love right now…

Applesauce with added fiber from Motts – Zero Weight Watchers Points!

Blanket my mom knitted before I was born that keeps me warm every evening on the couch

Cat licking my hair while I sit on the couch – he thinks my current style is all wrong for me

Dogs!…..oops, Zipper got ahold of the keyboard for a minute there

Electric fireplace – so I can feel cozy even though I have no chimney

Facebook – yep, getting kind of addicted

Green purse from Target – first non-black/brown purse I’ve had in forever

Handy Randy 🙂

Italian food – I always love that!

Jorge Garcia’s (from Lost) blog – so funny and refreshing

Kara’s text to me today: “OMG this Rice Crispy Treat is so good I think Jesus may have made it Himself!”

Little Caesar’s $5 large pizza from the drive-thru with no call-ahead

Making snarky comments on Facebook while watching American Idol

Noodles and Company – so many noodles, so many low-cal choices

Owls – didn’t used to care for them but suddenly this year – love

Ponytails – been living in them since my hair recently grew long enough

Quilting fabric I just bought with elephants blowing hearts out of their trunks!  Eeeeeep!

Randy (of course!  what else would I put here?)

Sven, my Civic – feels like my first “grown-up” car, lap of luxury (for me)

Track suit I wear almost every day to the gym – so comfy

Umbrellas on rainy days – I so love staying dry

Vacations – I need one right now!

Work – that one’s for you, Kara!

Xylophones – come on, what am I really going to put for “X”?

Your mom

Zipper crawling underneath Randy’s shirt (while he’s wearing it) to curl up in coziness


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Secret Sunday – Eye Candy Edition

Badly in need of a little vacation but with no time to take one, Randy and I went to COSI (Center of Science and Industry) in Columbus, Ohio for the day.  Neither of us had been there before although I briefly managed a program for Girl Scouts that sent girls to their “Camp-in”.  Below is a visual sampling…













Conversations I’ve Actually Had This Week

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Wild-card Wednesday

Phone conversation with employee of a certain restaurant special to us.

Me: Do you have any reservations available for Valentine’s Day?

Her: NO

Me: Ah, oh…you’re full?

Her: No, we don’t take reservations.

Me: Oh, well do you anticipate being extra busy that night?

Her: Well, there’s no way to tell.  Wait.  Hold on, let me get my crystal ball so I can look into the future and let you know.


Conversation with a second-grader

Her: Miss Kim, your teeth look just like my sister’s!

Me: Oh yeah?  How old is she?

Her: One


Conversation with a third-grader.  She was looking for my boss who had been with the class earlier.

Her: Where’s the other girl?

Me: Who?

Her: The other teacher, you know, the skinny one.

Me: Oh, the skinny one. 


“Conversation” with my GPS (who’s name is Geepus)

GPS: Continue 1.2 miles, then navigate off-road.

Me: For real, Geepus?

Name Game

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The Monday List

Names have always fascinated me.  When I was 11 I had a bookstore gift certificate which I spent on a baby name book and my old journals are rife with lists of the ever-changing names I wanted to bestow upon my future children.  So its no surprise to me that I never get tired of telling people about the interesting names I come across by working with around 400 girls a week.  Here are some of the most memorable ones.

Bizarre – Some of the girls’ names are just so unusual and complicated its hard to remember them and almost impossible to pronounce them correctly the first time you read them off the roster.


Ke’ Xhya (pronounced Keeshya)









Daddy – Sometimes when I hear a girl’s name I immediately think, “I know what your daddy’s name is!”





Gregoryona (my personal favorite)


Spell Check– One naming trend I have noticed is packing as many unnecessary letters (especially vowels and “h’s”) into the name as possible or spelling a more common name in a way that, on paper, doesn’t add up at all.

Maykaylaia (pronounced Michaela)

Niaya (pronounced Nya)


Destini (pronounced Destiny but every time I see it I want to pronounce the last two syllables like the word “martini”)

AmAnda (Amanda)



Sounds Like… – I come across all kinds of names that are also regular words

Journey (or one time spelled Jurnee)

Precious (I always feel bad for these girls because it sounds like a dog name to me)

Princess (don’t get me started…)





Surprise (no joke, and she HATED the name and insisted we call her Donna)

Shynin’ Starr (this year she goes only by Starr)







Jennifer Lopez – yes, we have a 3rd grader named Jennifer Lopez


Actually Kind of Nice – Some of the names I wouldn’t use myself but I kind of like the way they sound

Sarabi (pronounced Saraabi with the accent on the second syllable)



Samaria (mar pronounced like car)

Calia (pronounced Caleea)

Kalijah (with a long “i”)



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An afternoon spent in bed recovering from this week’s illness – at Randy’s insistence – while he cleaned the house.  An unexpected card and box of sweets.  A shared bowl of creamy pasta at our favorite little neighborhood restaurant.  Happy conversation over warm drinks and an apple fritter.  A good Valentine’s Day.   


I’m African American

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Story Time Saturday

I kind of heart this first-grade girl in one of my schools.  

First, she drew her self-portrait depicting herself dancing under a rainbow-colored disco ball.  That shows spirit.


 Second, she and I had the following conversation as she drew her self-portrait:

Her: Guess what!

Me: What?

Her: I’m African American!

Me: I know!  That’s awesome!

Her: And guess what else!

Me: What?

Her: You are too!

Me: I am?

Her: Yes!  Everyone is!

Me: Wow!

She made this proclamation as she drew that self portrait so full of optimism and pride and so I decided to go with it and enjoy the fact that differences don’t matter this kid – at least not yet.

Green Lust

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Eye Candy Friday

My to-do list is long and ambitious, as I’m sure most people’s are.  I could whittle away at the list gradually and make good progress if I would do a little every day, but I tend to go to extremes (like Billy Joel) and find it hard to get motivated unless I’m going to jump in and tackle an entire giant project in one marathon attempt.  And most days it seems like too much of an ordeal to do a big marathon project, so I end up doing nothing.

But today I forced myself to defy my nature and at least get something done, even something little.   One of the items perpetually inhabiting the list is to organize and categorize my ever-growing reserve of digital photo files.  I worked on that for a while this evening and came across a couple pictures I’d forgotten about.  Pictures that caused me to lust in my heart… 

Just try not to lust after this reminder of the fairer season.



Especially when we’re closer to this: