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Luck: Photo# 30

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I was emptying out my pockets today before doing laundry and found this fortune in my jeans.  I got it at lunch on Tuesday about two hours before I received the call informing me of my impending miscarriage.  One of my pet peeves is when fortune cookie fortunes aren’t really fortunes  – just advice or proverbs.  I finally got a real fortune and its a total lie.

The cramping is much worse today and I’m finding myself hunched over to walk.  The timing is unfortunate, because I have so much prep work to do for bags the girls are making at Girl Scout camp, which begins Monday.  We got the supplies on Tuesday and my plan was to work on them throughout the week, but I haven’t felt up to it. 

I also haven’t felt up to being alone, but Randy had a band show tonight.  So my parents and sister came over and brought dinner, dessert, bags full of movies, and willing hands to help me with camp bag prep.  They stayed with me til 11:30 (Kelli until 1:00am), cutting, stitching, trimming, and comforting.  They rescued me and I am humbled by their devotion and amazed by how vulnerable I feel right now. 

At the end of the day when I reflect on the fortune, I’ve decided that its not as off base as I originally thought.  I was showered with good luck in the form of friends and family who have been such life-lines to us right now.  Its a hard concept to reconcile, though.  Its good luck that I wouldn’t need if I’d had good luck in the first place.  But I’ll take any good luck that’s offered to me right now. 


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