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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Serious Knitting: Photo #24

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Brooke gets serious about knitting at the Great Lakes Sheep and Fiber Festival…


Fire: Photo# 23

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On my way the Great Lakes Sheep and Fiber Festival with Brookie and Dani.  I think I’m glad I don’t go to this church…


No Way!: Photo #22

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After six home tests and one official blood test at IRH Clinic I can write words here that I couldn’t imagine myself ever actually typing into the keyboard. 


A bun (or two) is in the oven.  I am a pregnant woman.  A Mom-to-be.

I actually don’t really believe it yet and my hands are shaking a little as I type.  It started with my first home test on Wednesday.  It came out positive and I was astonished because it was still rather early andbecause I was beginningto think I would never see what a positive pregnancy test looked like in real life.  I took about 17 pictures of it and called Randy at the gym to tell him and ask him to buy me some more tests.  He dutifully purchased a three pack and even went back in and exchanged them for a different type when I realized they were not the “early” tests.  This was a big gesture as the tests are (for some reason) behind lock and key at this store and he had to get someone to open the “vault” again as well as convince them that we had not tampered with the tests.

I took another test Wednesday night which confirmed the first test.  Same deal Thursday morning.  So after three positive tests I called the clinic to confess my cheating and move my official blood test up to Friday (today) from its original date of May 26th.  After work Thursday I purchased a digital test that actually says it in words.  These tests have mocked me before, flashing NOT PREGNANT at me.  Okay well maybe the words didn’t actually flash but that’swhat it seemed like.  And I wanted to make it eat its words and tell me what I want to see.  When it flashed up “Pregnant” I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  They cost a little more but it is totally worth it to see the words when you’ve been working so hard for so long.

Randy took the day off work today since he hasn’t had a day off since Christmas and we went together to get the blood test.  One of the cruel aspects of pregnancy blood tests is that you have to wait several hours to get the results.  We were expecting a positive result after 6 positive home tests (I took two more this morning – couldn’t resist) but you just never know until the official test.  It is much more sensitive and can tell you the exact amount of the pregnancy hormone you have in your blood.  So we decided to make a day of it and distract ourselves with lunch at Mai Thai and a matinee – Star Trek (I was interested because the director is the creator of Lost and Randy was interested because he enjoys the occasional Star Trek movie/episode – he was not as impressed as he thought he would be).

Once the movie was over I had a message from the clinic on my phone.  We hurried to the car and listened to the message on speakerphone, my heart racing about 1000 beats/minute the whole time.  The nurse said it was a positive result and that my number (hormone level) was 41, which is good for how early we did the test.  I will go back in on Tuesday the 26th for a follow-up test.  They like to see the number roughly double every 48-72 hours.

So its super early and anything can happen, but this is further than we have ever made it.  We are cautiously optimistic and of course a little on edge, hoping that it sticks.  But we have given ourselves permission to be excited and celebrate and dream about the future.  We still haven’t really, fully comprehended it and are largely in disbelief.  We are also nervous, anxious, worried, hopeful, ecstatic, in awe, and (at least I am) completely exhausted!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so selflessly throughout our rocky journey.  Anything can happen still and nothing is a sure bet.  But we are moving in the right direction and couldn’t have done it without you!

Last Day Of School: Photo #21

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Its our last day of school for the year with Girl Scouts!  We rounded out our last day at our last school with our last closing ceremony of the year.  It feels pretty good.  Except that camp starts in a week.  Phrpppppp. (you know, that noise when you sigh and blow raspberries)

Osmosis: Photo #20

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Einstein is trying to learn Spanish.  Now I may have to start yelling at him bilingually.



Saints: Photo# 19

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I got to work and Kara gave me this.  She got it from a vending machine at a gas station.  Now I just have to decide where to put it in our new cube.  Our office has been over-crowded for a while now and this week one department moved out to their own new office, leaving more space for the rest of us – especially me.  Since I am part time I have never had a permanent work space.  I have been a vagabond, traveling around to cubes who’s inhabitants were out for the day.  Sometimes when there were no vacancies I even shared a cube with Kara which meant that if one of us had to get up and go somewhere, both of us had to stand up because there wasn’t enough room to push the chair out.  Finally, now I have a home!  Kara and I now share a space which is essentially two side-by-side cubes that share a half wall.  So we can pass secret notes to each other all day if we want.  Also now I have actual drawers and cabinets.  Its a dream come true.


Diversions: Photo #18

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Today is 7dpt (that is message board lingo for 7 days past [embryo] transfer) and already they never write, they never call…  I finally turned the corner on the incredible bloating and can wear my regular pants again without feeling like my abdomen is full of bulging water balloons.  So the only tangible reminders I have of Thing 1 and Thing 2 at the moment is occasional mild cramping and the progesterone supplements I have to take three times a day.  So life has basically gone back to its normal, busy baseline and I am proud to report that I haven’t been obsessing over the IVF.  I’m in a much better place than I was last time through, probably because of our membership in the Money Back Guarantee Program  and the peace of mind it brings.

Regardless of increased peace of mind, I’m not super-human and so I still have a heightened awareness of what is on the line during this two week wait.  So I am trying to keep myself busy which isn’t a problem at all these days.  Today I spent the late afternoon/early evening planting the flowers I bought yesterday.  It took much longer than I’d anticipated and by the time I was done I had a raging headache and promptly came inside, ate dinner (that Randy cooked 🙂 ) and collapsed on the couch for an hour and a half nap.  Randy woke me up at 10 to drag me to bed.  Tomorrow it will probably be more of the same – more flowers to plant, more work to be done, more blog posts to write.  At least right now, I am thankful to have a lot on my plate…