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Monthly Archives: August 2009

S-M-R-T Smart: Photo #123

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Thanks to some bonus money and an unbelievalbe price from Cincinnati Bell on data plans (as in free), I am now the owner of a Smart Phone.  I think I already love it.


Wood: Photo #122

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We finished the deck and moved on to the arbor, so I’ve been seeing a lot of this today.




I Want to Live Here: Photo #121

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Today we attended a dinner party at Randy’s coworker, Carol’s apartment  in Hyde Park.  They don’t make them like this anymore.  The apartment had arched doorways and hardwood floors laid in an intricate pattern.  A feast for the eyes to preceed the feast of homemade, cooked-all-day Indian food.  The saag itself was to die for, and we scored the recipe.  I hope we can do it justice!

Your Grandma’s Basement: Photo #120

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Randy and I are easily bored by chain restaurants and “american” food, so we try to seek out new restaurant experiences when we can.  That lead us to Riverside Korean restaurant in Covington.  Randy has dabbled in Korean food but I was a complete novice, so we figured we could sample some new and exciting tastes.

The restaurant was adorable and tiny – it had maybe 15 tables – some with traditional floor seating complete with little cubbies to stow your shoes. 



Our waiter told us that Bibimbab (funniest-named food I’ve eaten this year) is their most popular dish, so we got an order to share, along with a mixed vegetable pancake as an appetizer.  The pancake was good and the dipping sauce was even better.  We were hopeful about our main dish.  The mixture of rice, chicken and vegetables arrived at our table in a large cast-iron bowl, still sizzling, with a sunny-side-up egg sitting on top, which the waiter mixed in for us.  We dug in.  And it tasted like…..your grandma’s basement.  That was the only way I could describe it – and strangely enough, Randy agreed.  He was stronger than I and lasted for several bites, while I was only able to manage about three.  We took our leftovers because sometimes that’s just easier than saying no to the waiter, but threw it out once we got to our next destination (a bakery to get some cheesecake since I was still hungry), because it made our car smell like….your grandma’s basement.   We aren’t sure what is responsible for the smell and we can’t describe it much more than saying it had a strong preservative-like taste, an essence of something which is not meant to be eaten.  Mothballs, maybe?  We haven’t completely given up on Korean food – Randy promises that Korean barbecue can be quite delectable.  But it will probably be a while before we dive back into that particular pond.  We’re thinking of trying out a local Ethiopian restaurant next.  I hope there aren’t any basements there…


Melancholy: Photo #119

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Today the weight of my losses seems unbearable.


The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

-W.H. Auden

Hathaway’s: Photo #118

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Randy and I met for lunch in the Carew Tower, where he works, at Hathaway’s – a very old diner complete with waitresses who seem to be stuck in time.  The atmosphere was very sweet and nostalgic, which is good, because the food was nothing to write home about. We’ll have to try breakfast sometime, which I hear is their forte.


Clifton is HOT HOT HOT: Photo #117

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All kinds of excitment today during lunch next door to the restaurant.  We never found out what happened, but whatever it was it took four fire trucks.



Photo #116

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My mom took me to the doctor today to get my third pregnancy test and then kept me company all day so I wouldn’t have to be alone.  The call came while we were eating lunch at Larosa’s.  I’m officially not pregnant anymore.  Surprisingly, I felt almost nothing when I heard the news that my cramps had already hinted at.  Randy met me with this card upon returning home from work.  He is the best. 


the card reads: Can’t stop thinking about you today sweetums…I love you so much.  I am very sad and sorry all this is happening to us, but I wouldn’t trade life with you for anything.  When we are the farthest down is when I realize just how much we need each other.  Can’t wait for all this to end and we can start getting old together, whatever the outcome.  Love you Forever.

Steps: Photo #115

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Thanks to Randy’s herculean efforts yesterday and today, we have steps.  And a handrail to go along with them.  One good thing on this limbo day when I feel so dismal.  I’m still taking the pregnancy supporting hormones that go along with a frozen cycle and they are really doing a number on me today.  I feel like I’m in the twilight zone and that things could never possibly be good again.

Marcello’s: Photo #114

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Today started out rough but was helped along by a little retail therepy with my mom and sis and dinner with Randy.  We went to a new restaurant in Hebron on Leslie’s suggestion, called Marcello’s.  This is my eggplant parmesian, which was scrumptious.  Randy’s pasta carbonara was also delicious.  We liked the restaurant with its cozy atmosphere and live jazz duo playing 1940s standards.  We only had two complaints: a.  the focaccia bread they served with the salad was tough.  Like, it-sat-out-all-night tough.  b. our soft drinks were served in giant red, plastic cups.  The kind you drink out of at Pizza Hut – not the kind you would expect to see at a place with a large wine selection and steak entrees that cost $30.  But those are minor complaints, and I think we’ll definitely be back again.