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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Jealousy: Photo #153

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We spent the evening recording at Brent’s awesome old home in Bellvue.  I’m super jealous of his built-in fireplace and bookshelves.


Funny Business: Photo #152

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This year the Cincinnati Public School district decided to hold open house at every school on the same night, so pretty much everyone at Girl Scouts was deployed out to different schools to attend open house and do some recruiting.  I went to a school we serve every year for our summer day camp to hand out flyers and get names of people who want camp registrations sent to their houses in the spring.

I like open house because it reminds me of my childhood and signifies autumn and anticipation.  And because I get to meet and observe all kinds of interesting people.  Two examples:

1.  My table was next to the table for the nearby community center, which was manned by an older gentleman who was familiar to many of the people at the school.  Midway through the evening, a middle-school girl came by and said hi to the gentleman.  He reminded her that track practice starts in March and warned her: “now don’t you get lazy and gain a bunch of weight before track season.”  Uncomfortable.

2.  A woman who looked to be in her 50s visited my table near the end of the evening.  After listening to my schpeal about what a great opportunity the day camp is for girls, she launched in to a friendly yet spirited line of questioning.  “Now you need to tell me what goes on at this camp.  Is there any funny business?  Because I don’t want any funny business going on.  I’ll go to jail for my grandbaby if I have to!  I don’t want any funny business!”  I found it difficult to answer, because I didn’t want to even try and speculate what “funny business” she was referring to.  I just sort of babbled on about how we have trained professionals staffing the camp and that we help girls reach their potential and relate to others with understanding and respect.  It must have worked, because she signed up to get more information.  Phew.

Trading Places: Photo # 151

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Sometimes I wish I could trade places with one of my cats for the day.  I stayed home –  couldn’t face the world today – life just seemed too hard.


Preparation: Photo #150

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I want to make a lot of Christmas gifts this year.  My first step is cleaning/organizing my craft room so that I feel more motivated to work.  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would.


Mizithra: Photo #149

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Today was rough.  I am in a funky emotional place.  But my mood was helped along with a Spaghetti Factory birthday party for Randy’s brother, Ryan, and Grandpa Marksberry.  Marinara mixed with Mizithra can go a long way towards curing anything.


Loo: Photo #148

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Randy is in Nashville this weekend with the band.  He has been sending me picture texts to keep me in the loop.  He sent me this picture from the place they played their show.


Boundaries: Photo #147

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One of my favorite things about working in schools is getting to see things like this paper, sitting on a student’s desk while the class was at lunch.