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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Halloween Then and Now: Photo #184

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Carrotnormal Activity: Photo #183

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Randy cleaned out a rarely-used pocket in his work bag and the results were downright spooky.  It took us a while to identify the bodies, but we realized that those used to be carrots.  We set them next to a fresh bag to gain greater perspective on the transformation.


Walk of Shame: Photo #187

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This is what I had to walk through to get to the feminine hygiene products at the grocery store (items I was super-excited about buying in the first place).  Then I waited in the check-line staring at three separate magazine covers featuring  the beaming smiles and protruding bellies of three separate pregnant celebrity idiots (I’m talking about YOU, Kendra from The Girls Next Door, and random Kardashian sister.)


I think back to last year at this time when all I had under my belt was a failed IVF – a pregnancy that never was – and compare that me to the me who has gone through two more IVFs and two early miscarriages.  I feel like a different person in many ways.  I cycle between sadness and anger and suppression.  I wish I was the old me.

Beeware: Photo #181

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The bee invasion is upon us.  Today was the Girl Scout staff Halloween party and I played beekeeper to the rest of my team, all dressed as bees.  Why no picture of all of us together?  Because I hate the way I look in that one and since its my blog I’m going to bee selfish and withhold that image.  (Sorry, bees!)



Though I work for Girl Scouts I’m almost never in the office.  Even so, I have a seat and a desk , and my awesome coworkers made me a sign to hang outside the cube – and I got to see it today.  I feel so loved 🙂


Protection: Photo #180

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I’m ready now for the killer bee invasion.


Foggy: Photo #179

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This is supposed to be a view of downtown and the Big Mac Bridge.  The fog covered everything today, including my emotions.  Maybe it will lift tomorrow.


Bees: Photo #178

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Halloween is afoot and pom-pom/pipe cleaner bees are invading.  Stay tuned for updates.