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A Week of Healthy Living: Photo #255

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Today is Day Nine of The Month of Living Healthfully.

End of Week Report: I lost 5.2 pounds, and ½ inch around my waist!  I am on a healthy living high.  My biggest problem as of week one seems to be eating enough calories.  I never thought I’d write those words.  Turns out, when you eat wholesome foods, you fill up much better.  I’d heard the rumors, but hadn’t believed them.  I thought that was just something people said to make themselves feel better because they couldn’t eat the really yummy food.  Sometimes it seems like all I do is eat- this is a pleasant surprise.  I had set out to eat no more than 1500 calories per day but now I’ve had to make a rule for myself that I will eat at least 1200, as there were many days when I could have easily, accidentally eaten fewer.

Reflections from Week 1:

  • Randy and I have actually enjoyed cooking this week.  Maybe it’s the thrill of having new recipes to try, maybe its because we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we need to cook in order to make this work.  Either way, it’s a nice change to the evenings when I would have rather eaten fruit rollups and sun chips than have to cook dinner.
  • This isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  When I would have near melt-downs during our planning sessions about the impending lack of pizza and carbs Randy always said the month would fly by, but I was sure it would creep along.  Now it is already 22% over and it has felt like a breeze.
  • I’ve already become a little snobbish about food.  At the grocery store this week I saw a girl carrying  a box of fried chicken fingers, macaroni, and French fries from the deli and  a Mountain Dew – and I thought: “How can people eat like that?”  As if only a week ago I wasn’t stuffing buttery breadsticks, pepperoni pizza, and caramel cookies down my throat.

As a little reward to myself for a successful first week, I made a bag for my new yoga mat, using this tutorial.  I love the fabric and was thinking of using it to make myself a skirt, but it practically screamed yoga to me.  Well, more accurately, it whispered yoga, since screaming yoga would be very un-Zen-like.  I had a couple issues deciphering some of the pattern instructions and would definitely make some adjustments next time, but overall it went well.  I think I will be the hit of Easy Yoga class next Saturday – hopefully people will be waiting in line to ask me to make them their very own yoga mat bags.  One can dream….

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  1. That girl in the grocery store was me…


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