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Shuffle Off to Buffalo: Photo #266

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Today is Day 20 of The Month of Living Healthfully.

New Tap Shoes!  New Tap Shoes!  With a BOW!  They aren’t patent leather, like I imagined, but they are much better quality than the patent leather shoes at the dancewear store, AND they have a bow!  When I exclaimed that very thing to Kara (“THEY HAVE A BOW!), the clerk looked over at me and said, “oh don’t worry, the bow’s removable”.  I assured her that the presence of a bow was actually a huge bonus for me and I wouldn’t be needing to remove it.  I think the new tap shoes worked wonders in class tonight.  I was able to remember all my time steps and progressed to tripples while most of the class was still struggling with singles.  I feel like a tap star.

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  1. You were TOTALLY a tap star in class! 🙂 & I for real covet those bows- I wonder how I can get my hands on some for myself…

  2. Totally cute and awesome!

  3. tappa-tappa-tappa…


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