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Someone to Watch Over Me (and cook): Photo #268

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Today is Day 22 of The Month of Living Healthfully.

Sometimes the kids at your school wear you out so much that the only thing you can think of doing when you drag yourself home is fall onto the couch.  During these times you don’t care what you eat for dinner – or if you even have dinner.  And you certainly don’t have enough self-respect and momentum to get off the couch and give it your all in a “last chance workout”. 

If you’re lucky you have a husband who happily makes you dinner, singing and cooking while you languish on the couch, moaning.  He makes you Thai Curry Chicken from the Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start book, complete with fresh cilantro garnish – and it is good.  And then he (with help from your improved blood sugar) lovingly prods you along, encouraging you to change into your gym clothes, ride with him to the gym, and actually out in an honest, sweat-inducing work-out.  And there – before you know it, you have eaten a healthy meal and fulfilled your exercise committment for one more day – despite yourself.

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  1. Such a good husband 🙂


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