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The Bell of the Ball

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The Spotted Elephant survived his first REAL craft show this weekend….barely! Ryle High School in Union, KY puts on one heck of a craft show – the most hard core of all the shows we are involved in. The busiest, biggest, most stringently organized craft show around. We were lucky and honored to get in – we applied late for the strictly judged show and there was a lot of competition for the last remaining spots. We were nervous because this was the real test for us – if we didn’t sell much at this mondo-show where suburban women are just dying to spend money, we’d have to reexamine our business. Luckily, people liked us! We sold a lot of hats and surprisingly, took a lot of hat special orders!

This guy was the runaway hit – the bell of the ball. I liked him but I had no idea he’d be so popular. We sold him at the very beginning of the first day to another crafter who was generous enough to let us keep him displayed until the end of the show. It was a good thing – we ended the day with 10 orders for sock monkey hats!


We are super tired and super grateful for all of our customers and all the people who liked our products but didn’t have any babies to buy them for. We ended up with 17 special orders and hopefully, a good base of fans for the future!

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