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Cycle Days 10 &11: There’s Life Outside of Fertility Treatments!?

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Cycle Days 10 & 11 – Thursday and Friday, February 10 & 11

So it turns out there is life outside of fertility treatment – who knew? Jobs, craft deadlines, housework, and family/friend events march on despite the inconvenience it causes me – the nerve! Actually, being busy is good. Any amount of time I’m thinking about something OTHER than follicles, eggs, embryos, hormone levels, pregnancy symptoms, injections, ultrasounds, etc. is vital to my sanity right now. So after a very brief treatment update (not much new to report) I am going to actually post about the other stuff going on these days!


Once your follicles and hormone levels progress to a certain point, you have to keep a tight reign on them, because they just may go rogue and decide to mature TOO fast. Enter Ganirelix – another nightly injection that keeps me from ovulating too soon (remember this in a few days when I talk about the injection I will take to induce ovulation). I added Ganirelix to my nightly cocktail Thursday – and other than itchiness at the injection site it doesn’t change much about the routine. I will be taking Ganirelix every night until its time for the ovulation induction.


Okay – on to regular life!

I finished the Cookie Monster hat I custom made for Tricia and I LOVE it!


Randy and I started a low carb, high lean protien, low fat diet and pictured above is my first ever Chipotle order that wasn’t of the burrito persuasion. My order: salad with grilled chicken, onions, and peppers, corn and tomato salsa, and a sprinkling of cheese. I brought Greek yogurt with me to sub for the sour cream. Although it was no burrito, it was much better than what I had been eating this week. Upon reflection, Randy and I have decided that life without bread is not worth living. That particular diet lives no more under our roof.


We started our program at another school this week – a school housed in an amazing old building that I hope to document through many more photos of over the coming weeks. I will leave you with my new favorite quote – overheard in the 4th/5th grade group this week:

Girl A: I can’t believe he kicked you in the knee!

Girl B: I know. But the next time I see him I’m gonna kick him right in the peeny-wacker!

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  1. Haha! Go Girl B! BTW, the hat is adorable!!

  2. Your meal looks yummy…but I must agree, life without bread is no longer life… 🙂


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