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Yeah…What He Said

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Our first show is tomorrow. TOMORROW! I don’t feel ready at all – there’s been so much to distract me lately. Luckily, my mom is a saint and has been over 3 times this week to help me save my sanity and keep me on track with my crafts when I felt like I couldn’t do it. Tonight she helped me mock up a display for tomorrow. Einstein approves. Or maybe he wants to be sold to a new family…

The Spot: Photo #361

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Someone has found his new spot. I don’t think he’s left the new chair since we got it.

Retrieval: Photo #356

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Our third (ever) egg retrieval was today so I’m taking it easy on the new couch, riding out the cramps and bloating. Linus is helping.

Micro-Kitty: Photo #319

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Einstein likes what we’ve done with the microwave.

Guita…er… Kitty Case: Photo #295

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Colonization: Photo #281

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Linus: Wow!  These clothes sure are clean and fluffy!  A perfect place for a kitty to snuggle quietly and contemplate.  Purr.

Zipper: I sense that someone other than me is enjoying some prime real estate.  I must seize it!  Wah ha!  (jumps in, attempting a hostile take-over of the Isle of Laundry Basket)

Linus: Golly, Zipper – I’m pretty sure I was here first – I’m tryin’ to have my devotional time.  Well, maybe we could share the basket – you know, like teamwork!

Zipper: (thinking to herself that this will not do – she needs a plan – yes!  she will drive him out with excessive annoyance!  she knows just the ticket.  she sticks her tongue into his ear canal in a futile attempt to lick his brain – she can’t find it)

Linus: Thanks for the ear cleaning, Zipper, but it kinda tickles and I’d really like to get back to prayin’.  I’ll just sit here quietly – you won’t even know I’m here.

Zipper: (sighs and settles in unobtrusively, next to Linus.  if she can’t be the only one enjoying herself, at least she can prevent Linus from usurping that privilege.  you win some, you lose some – and sometimes you have to peacefully coexist with your brother.)