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Evaluate: Photo #199

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Makin’ some extra money, spending the day processing evaluations.

Spotted Dick: Photo #157

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 Eeep!  Triple coupons at Biggs this weekend!  According to certain money-saving web sites, its better than Christmas.  I admit, I’ve never been a coupon person.  I tend to think of things in terms of all or nothing (which tends to cause problems in lots of arenas such as dieting and budgeting) – so saving $0.40 here and $0.55 there hasn’t seemed worth it.  Add to it that Randy and I tend to buy mostly store brand items which are usually cheaper than the name brand even with a coupon.  But with all or our budget-conciousness lately and the draw of saving up to $2.00 per item sucked me in.

Usually I am not allowed to accompany Randy grocery shopping due to my irrational, that-dream-where-you-didn’t-study-for-the-test, stress reaction to it.  A few months back, Randy and I decided that for my mental health (and his), I should let him tackle the grocery store alone.  But tonight we decided to both go and try to tackle the coupon frenzy together. 

Verdict: I hated it.  It was the terror of normal grocery shopping but multiplied.  Since we shopped near the tail end of the coupon sale, at least half of the items we wanted were gone.  It was a tornado of jumbled coupons and fine print.  I was ready to quit, but I didn’t.  And when we finally got to the check-out our pre-coupon total was $127 and our final bill was $92.  And I’m afraid that this little fact may have hooked me on coupons.

Highlight of the evening: Randy secretly found this and put it in the cart.  He tried three times to sneakily get me to look in the cart before he was successful.  I laughed a little too loudly and then made him put it back on the shelf.  Don’t think I’m ready to try that with dinner.


Lunch Report: Photo #145

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Kara and I are thrift queens today.  We shared a $5 footlong from Subway and brought our own drinks and sides.  Hello to this week’s lunch #2, weighing in at $2.50.  Oh yeah.


BTW: Kara always poses like this.  It is her natural look.