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Thursday was Randy’s birthday (mine is not until next Thursday so for this week each year he is robbing the cradle).  Since he’s the coolest guy I know, I thought I’d put together a list in his honor: please enjoy “Ten Fun Facts about Randy”.

1.  Randy’s mom recalls a time when he was 6 or 7 and had been playing on his own upstairs for a while when she noticed that he was unusually quiet.  She stopped to listen for him and right then she heard him let out a primal shriek of joy followed by the patter of running footsteps and then more silence.  Later that day she found an empty can of chocolate frosting, licked clean, under the dining room table. 

2.  Randy was obsessed with the idea of becoming a movie director as a child and lobbied for his parents to buy him a VHS video camera when they were first becoming mainstream.  They did and he spent many hours working on elaborate film projects.


3.  Randy’s high school job was lifeguarding at a local hotel.  Sounds like a dangerous job for a red-head!

4.  On Valentines day during our senior year in high school (when we were “just friends”) Randy gave me a jar of candy hearts carefully arranged with only green, yellow, and orange hearts in sequence.  He had purchased an assortment of flavors but painstakingly removed all the flavors I don’t like.

5.  Randy originally planned to go into medicine and spent the first two years of college pursuing it.  In his tenure in pre-med he worked in the ER and went on a medical service trip to Ecuador where, among other things, he assisted in pulling out rotten teeth.

6.  Randy and I had a great time making fun of the people who predicted apocolyptic events for the year 2000.  We were so tired of hearing about what might go wrong that he made his own tongue-in-cheek t-shirt to wear on New Years Eve 1999.  



7.  Randy plays bass guitar in Retroactive, his parents’ band.  

8.  I sometimes get impatient when trying to learn technical/physical things out of books, so back when I was learning to crochet Randy read my crochet how-to-book and learned it himself so that he could teach me.  I think he figured that would be better than listening to me get increasingly frustrated!

9.  Randy just got Lasig surgery so he doesn’t need these 7-year-old specs anymore!  His procedure was like Extreme Lasig – called PRK – where they chemically dissolve the outer cells of the eye in order to gain access for the laser.  I watched the whole thing on a giant TV screen.
10.  Randy just started a new job!  His boss at his old job likes him so much that when he left the company for a competetor he recruited Randy to come with him.  His new job is downtown in the Carew Tower and he loves it – he takes the bus and studies for his G-MAT during the commute.  I went to see his office an have lunch with him Tuesday.  His cube is spaceous but very bland at the moment.  He has two windows – the view is not award-winning, but at least he has a view!  What he has gained in veiw, though, he has lost in phone technology.  1988 called and they want their office phone back.  Once I got the grand tour of Randy’s work space we went to the top of the tower and looked out at the city – it was a perfect weather day.     
And there you have it all (or possibly more than) you ever wanted to know about the best husband a girl could ever have.
Happy Birthday, Randy!