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Hi, I’m Kim (aka the spotted elephant).  I live in Covington, KY with my totally awesome husband, Randy…

and our managerie of animals…


 Zipper Nose View

Linus (left) and Einstein (right)

Linus and Einstein

Many of my posts are about my (mis)adventures in making things.  I’m rather unrealistically ambitious when it comes to crafting and have many lonely boxes of unfinished projects.  I just converted our spare bedroom into  a craft studio and throughout the process I felt like a little girl designing her perfect bedroom.

In my craft studio I’m majoring in: sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet,  and minoring in decoupage and jewelry making, and I have an area of concentration in randomness.

This blog is primarily just what it says – making stuff, husband and animal stories, and sometimes other random anecdotes or observations.  Basically – I wish it was more focused and easily sum-up-able, but just as in my crafting endeavors, I’m overly ambitious here too and I can’t commit to just one subject!

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  1. Hey Kim, really enjoyed browsing through your blog. Very Creative. Love the photos and a cute dog.

  2. dachshunds (sp?) are the absolute most adorable dogs on the planet. what a little nugget!!

  3. Hey lady! It was so nice to finally get to talk to you today. I checked out your friend’s blog and the crafty supermarket. They really have their stuff together! I’m hoping that I can get NKY’s modern handmade movement off the ground and we’ll start with the Birds of a Feather Fair!! Stay in touch!


  4. Love your blog. You are an excellent writer. And a great photgrapher. I will probably be waiting in line someday to get the personally autographed copy of your newest release. We cannot always see or know how many people are thinking about us, wishing us well, and sending up prayers for us. That is a vantage point for God alone. A spotted elephant is a really neat thing. I am so thankful the Lord created such an amazing creature. Blessings….


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