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The Not So Great Pumpkin: Photo #61

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What happens when you throw your Halloween pumpkins onto the dirt pile in the back yard?  About 7 months later a 12 – 15 foot long pumpkin vine begins to take over your back yard in a quest for world domination.  And you get baby pumpkins!  So far we’ve counted at least 4, with the possibility of more.  I can’t wait for Halloween night.  Surely the Great Pumpkin will pick our patch.




Inner Child: Photo #60

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Is it wrong that I reacted to this license plate like a 9-year-old boy today?


Immunity: Photo #59

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I think my immune system wants me to go back to San Francisco.  Ever since we got back, I am a snot machine.  I guess its allergies because all of the cavities in my head are itchy – though I’ve never really had allergies before.  Blaaaahhh.  I want to go back to San Fran – where every day is a vacation and there is no snot to be found.  🙂


Vacation Recovery: Photo #58

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This is what Einstein did today.  Surprisingly, he was the most productive member of the family today.  It was that kind of a day.


30 Again: Photo #57

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DSC07385Today was my birthday and I’m kinda glad its about to be over.  I feel a little gloomy because I’m tired from the trip and wish we still had it to look forward to.  And though I don’t have any hang-ups about turning 30 in general, I do have hang-ups about turning 30 childless.  I wanted to accomplish so much more by now.  I feel like I keep getting older but my contemporaries are all leaving me behind.  I know I’m not the oldest person to be  stuck in the trying to create a family mode – by far – and that in the Assisted Fertility world I’m still a younster.  And I know that I am so lucky in a lot of ways and that many people would love to have what I have in life.   But its hard to tell yourself what to feel.

Come Fly With Me: Photo #56

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We spent the day traveling back to Cincinnati, leaving our hotel at 10 am and arriving home at 11 pm.  A couple of highlights:


The plane we rode on from San Francisco to Salt Lake City sported screens in the back of every seat that you could use to watch TV for free (lots of channels including Discovery, Food Network, Comedy Central, etc.), to listen to a large variety of albums from which you could make your own playlist, or to track everything about the flight from the air temperature outside the plane to the distance we’ve already traveled in miles.  It also had a feature that shows where you are on a map – like in a cartoonwhen you see the line the character travels all across the country.  I loved it and I think planes should be required to have this feature.



When we were about a hundred miles away from Cincinnati we flew around a big thunder storm and it was awesome.  We could see the lightning flashing through massive cloud columns and everywhere we looked there were enormous cloud formations that made everything outside our windows look like the landscape of some alien planet.  I’m glad we weren’t traveling through the storm, but it was really cool to be able to see the storm.


Hole: Photo #55

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So there’s a hole in this street near our hotel.  We noticed the hole and did a massive double take on our first day but I didn’t remember to snap a photo of it until today.  This is actually two streets but I still can’t figure out how the top street doesn’t collapse onto the one beneath it.

Today’s itinerary also had lots of holes in it.  Originally we wanted to go to Muir Woods across the bay to see the Redwood Trees and planned to take the shuttle that runs there from downtown.  Sadly, we realized too late that the shuttle only runs on weekends and somehow, it seems that no other public transportation goes there.  No problem – we’d still have plenty to do by visiting some museums in the morning (the Museum of Modern Art, the Cartoon Museum, and the Craft and Folk Art Museum), some neighborhoods in the afternoon, and then taking a trolly tour of the city.  Upon arriving at the museum district we realized that Wednesday is the day all the museums are closed.  Again, bad planning on our part.  So we spent the day wandering the streets of some of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

First up, the Castro – widely considered the world’s best known gay neighborhood (according to my guide book).  We had a nice, peaceful walk and went to some fun shops, but there wasn’t much going on on a Wednesday morning, so we didn’t stay long.  We checked out the Castro Theater – which is a historic movie palace that shows old and classic movies (they’re hosting a silent film festival in July) and we enjoyed walking among some cool old houses.




Next, we walked over to the Mission District, a neighborhood which is about 50% Latino.  We decided to get lunch at one of the Mexican restaurants here.  The restaurant we chose had soccer playing on the television, had only one waiter who was rushing around superhumanly, and was covered in memorabilia that looked like it had been lovingly collected over many years by the owner.  Randy got a burrito and I got a quesadilla.  Both were scrumptious.




We sat by the window and guzzled Diet Cokes, hot and thirsty from our walk.  As we waited for our food, I saw what I think is my new favorite car ever.



After lunch we hopped on a crowded bus and went to Japantown, a district we didn’t plan to spend much time in as our guide book downplayed its appeal.  We are sorry we didn’t go earlier to eat lunch there at one of the many adorable restaurants and spend more time cruising through the shops.  Our guide book was right about most things but it got Naan-n-Curry and Japantown all wrong.


Note: This is not my picture of Japantown – I was so tired by the time we got there that I forgot to even get out my camera.

Next, onto the trolley tour of the city included in our Go Card!  Oh, ooops.  That’s right.  The last tour of the day left 10 minutes before we arrived at the depot.  Well, darn.  Hmmm.  What to do now?  Oh!  We haven’t gone to Lombard Street, the “crookedest street in the America” yet.  Lets take a cable car to Lombard Street!  It will save the evening!

After a half hour of standing in the cold, brisk wind at the cable car stop with at least a half hour’s wait still to come and our dinner reservations looming, we scrapped this plan too, and found a bus to take us to The Stinking Rose a half hour early.  Luckily, they had room to seat us immediately, and we were glad for the warmth and the rest.  The atmosphere was fun, but the food was nothing special.  Still, it was a nice end cap for the last night of our trip.