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Why do I still get all tingly-excited when I get the word that its a snow day? I don’t get paid on snow days so I should hate them – but I’ve been so conditioned to yearn for them that I can’t stop now.

Top 3 “Snow Day” Memories:

  • I was about 8 or 9 and woke up feeling like I really didn’t want to go to school (as per usual). Also, my nose was a little sore – like I had slept on my face funny. I knew it was a stretch but I had to try it as an excuse for staying home, so I crept downstairs and sat next to my mom on the couch. I explained, in my most pitiful voice, that my nose hurt and asked if I had to go to school. To my shock and amazement, she said no. I dropped my act and said, “really!?”. She laughed and told me to look out the window and I saw that a virtual blizzard was in progress. School had been canceled. I’m sure my terribly sore nose didn’t prevent me from sledding that day. 🙂
  • I was around 10 or 11 and we had a triple threat – a snow storm, a snow day, and a power outage. Since our house was equipped with electric heat and an electric stove, we we were cold and tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches. So mom started a fire in the fireplace (a rare occurrence at our house) and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the open flame. We thought we were all kinds of awesome.
  • I was about 11 or 12 and school had been canceled all week due to a mondo-storm. We had been out sledding with our neighbors (who owned the sleds) down our epic backyard hill when my dad got home from work and decided to join us. He was usually a hit with our friends, hamming it up with them, teasing just enough to make them feel special, and showing off his amazing pinky finger stump (an amputation that, for some reason, is always and without fail, a kid magnet). And that day was no exception as he was the biggest dare-devil on the “slopes”, careening over logs and going air-born before landing in the frozen creek bed. He paid for his shenanigans later through bruises and sore muscles, but I don’t think he ever regretted the afternoon. 🙂
  • Honorable Mention: During my freshman year of high school we had a snow/ice storm that closed the expressways for days and turned the local mall into a temporary shelter for truckers and travelers. Our sloped driveway was a solid sheet of ice so I grabbed my mom’s 20-year-old ice skates and practiced figure 8s on the driveway. Well maybe calling them figure 8s is too generous. Lets say I wobbled down the driveway and gracefully stopped myself by crashing into the garage door.

Tap: Photo #252

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Today is Day Six of The Month of Living Healthfully.

Today I unearthed my old dance bag (made for me by my sweet, sweet mommy when I was four-years-old) because part of my fitness plan this month includes TAP DANCING!  Kara and I are taking an adult Tap Dancing class at the Cincinnati Dance and Movement Center which happens to be taught by Kara’s childhood dance instructor.  We didn’t know what to expect because neither of us had attended a tap class in over 9 years (me in college and her in high school) .  Luckily, we were in good company – we actually were the most advanced students in the class – the only ones with any previous experience.  We both found that we have significantly more areas that jiggle when we tap than we use to – but maybe consistent tapping workouts will change that.  One thing is sure: I desperately need new tap shoes.  Apparently my feet have grown a bit in the last 9 years and my toes were thinking hateful thoughts about me by the end of the hour.  I think I’ll buy black patent leather Mary Janes with a bow closure- try and stop me!

Renaissance Man: Photo #200

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My dad is always full of surprises about his past – skills he has, jobs he’s done, trips he’s taken – I learn something new about him on a regular basis.  But nobody in the family suspected that he used to be a poet and an artist.  When I told him I might post this on the internet his only worry was that he might be inundated with requests commissioning his artwork.  But I’m going to go ahead and take that chance. 🙂  

Halloween Then and Now: Photo #184

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Photo of Photos: Photo #156

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For our birthday, My parents made Randy and me this collage of photos of each of us growing up.  Such a cool gift.  Today we finally got around to hanging it up in the hallway.  Now I feel like a true grown-up because I have a collage photo frame in my hallway!


Girls’ Toilet: Photo #154

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Our Thursday school is disorganized, chaotic, and frustrating.  But I love going there because its 50s/60s construction reminds me of my elementary school.  Aesthetically, I much prefer these smallish, familiar, sea-green cinderblock wonders to the modern, colorful, open-plan shool buildings being built today.  I guess the powers of nostalgia are strong. 







Hathaway’s: Photo #118

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Randy and I met for lunch in the Carew Tower, where he works, at Hathaway’s – a very old diner complete with waitresses who seem to be stuck in time.  The atmosphere was very sweet and nostalgic, which is good, because the food was nothing to write home about. We’ll have to try breakfast sometime, which I hear is their forte.