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Last Day! Photo #232

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Just finished my last day of work before Christmas vacation!  Laptop, get ready to spend a lot of time resting in your little green case, on call only for blog-reading and last-minute online shopping!

Phone Envy: Photo #231

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We got new phones at my office that required an hour-long training session, during which we learned that the phones have the ability to park up to 200 calls on hold (shoot me if I ever have 200 calls at one time) and that we can change our ring-tone to a woman’s voice saying: “is anybody there?”.  Its sort of a cruel irony that I got this fancy new phone at a job where I have never – not once – received an external call and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve received an internal call; meanwhile, Randy is sitting in his cube in the Carew tower with his 20-year-old phone that doesn’t even have caller i.d., pining away for a new system like mine.  So I did what any sympathetic and supportive wife would do.  I took a picture of my new, beautiful phone and sent it to Randy with the message: “eat your hear out”.