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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Dish Lust: Photo # 336

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The simple, off-white dishes we’ve had for nearly 8 years that seemed so practical when we registered for them have been laming me out lately.  I’m thinking of going with this collection from Target.  I need color!

School Yard Games: Photo #335

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Paint Patchwork: Photo #334

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For the first time in the history of our marriage, we don’t like the paint colors we chose.  We don’t even like the second-try colors we bought.  Our walls are beginning to look like a quilt.  We are never going to finish this project. 😦

A Bridge, Naturally: Photo #333

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This guy was eating breakfast just outside the lodge where we ate our breakfast.

Another natural bridge – this one more narrow and consequently, scarier than the main attraction.

Disclaimer: Randy and I did NOT carve our initials into the bridge.  But someone did!

60 Years of Magic: Photo #332

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Today we wisked my dad away on a surprise trip to Natural Bridge to celebrate his 60th birthday.  We are calling it The 60 Years of Magic Tour.  🙂

(This is Randy’s Muppet Face)

Balloon Man: Photo# 331

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A baloon man/robot made by the girls at my Spring Break Day Camp today.

Pepper Problem: Photo #330

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Kara has a problem.  A pepper problem.  I counted at least 12 packets going into her soup today.  I hope she seeks help at some point.